Hex v3

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bug Admin
Writing is not readable

Items that read text on double click are not usable. This is probably a Mickey thing.

request Osuki
Forest Quest

Can weather be removed from forest quest? can NOT SEE any mobs and it makes playing in here very strenuous on the eyes :(

request Osuki Trader
grass/ground images

Can we go back to original please? The snow/grass/ground image set is hard to look at. Not only that, It's too hard to tell where enemies are, items are, trees are... like, spawn a birch tree andtell me you can see it clear as day. Or a Fly Swarm for that matter x.x

bug PIRWuoy
missing EL PICK

dont know how or when but it is missing from inventory i checked mule boxes land bags both characters it is gone so i bought a new one cos i need it


admin Xayah
New server

New server off default files?--Sure.

comment Osuki Trader

I feel like the dramatic change of the images has put me off playing here. The jewels are hard to look at. I don't want to go out and kill mobs cause I hate the grass surface, and I feel like the entire nostalgia of what I came back in to play with is gone.The lack of incremental stats of mobs is not beginner friendly at all. I'll continue to log in and see what's new, but I'm not sure I'll dedicate time to playing. :( Sorry Blink.--Feel free to DM me in more detail too

request Gimpy

idk why but these v3 mobs use thrust other instead of harm other. So magic mobs just destroy you. Please fix ty.----Attempting to fix, this appears to be game engine related

bug Osuki Trader
Distilled Water

Backwards alchemywater filled bucket on alembicshould be alembic on water filled bucket

comment Revenant
Water Mobs

I guess this is wayyy future priority, and idk if you've got it planned already, but many sectors need some water spawns, some mobs like water drakes and gators (and others) are important to have spawning, but need water in spawnable areas, but drake sector has no water, and a lot of areas are totally dry-----This is something that will need a look at, because there is no way to do it without drowning everyone's land already


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