Hex v3

A RPG World Online world

Basic info

  • 2 characters are allowed per person on one client account.
  • Don't be rude, please. This includes bumping, blocking quests, walling off sectors, quests, trapping people. No multiclienting, botting, training rooms, stealth rooms, exploits, etc.

🥇 Achievements

  • Pain Elemental was the first person to buy a horse, Derpy McRetard.
  • Pain Elemental was the first person to create the guild Super Best Friends.

Incoming changes (LIVE = already implemented)

  • [TEST] Gem picks repairable with 4 flawed gems of the same type.
  • [TEST] Gem picks repairable with 1 perfect gem of the same type.
  • [TEST] EL Pick added, thanks to Tommy for image. This did not exist in v2.
  • [TEST] Working on new town from scratch. Raw ETA end of week, but unknown, no promises on this one depending on if new issues pop up.
  • [TEST] Improve tokens from vendors are going in shortly. They will not require the intervention „admin“, but you can apply the improvement at any time.
  • [LIVE] Nova/Penalty fixed to match boost side values
  • [LIVE] Damon is being made mineable shortly, at the same rarity level as everlasting ore. You may find this useful: Ure Fui Mux Ray Ray.
  • [LIVE] Bugfix for Obsidian repairs.
  • [LIVE] Gremlin sector is now in.
  • [LIVE] Flowering Cotton removable with shovel.
  • [LIVE] Grass Clippings now use Farming instead of Masonry.
  • [LIVE] Gem picks creatable with 4 flawed gems of the same type.
  • [LIVE] Ultima attribute and boost potions bumped up 5 minutes. Will increase this a bit later while trying to figure out how the ini option translates to real world time
  • [LIVE] Drej in and bugfixed, should be able to get to end.
  • [LIVE] Several bugfixes for JM skill requirement mismatches.
  • [LIVE] Gold coins can now be used on an empty crucible.
  • [LIVE] Bandit House added because majority of bandit sector is mountain.
  • [LIVE] Bandit House now has a non-mountain path straight to it.
  • [LIVE] Stealth/Rogue quest added - also decent low-mid level missile defence leveling.
  • [LIVE] Blue magic requirements dropped for improve.
  • [LIVE] Corrupt Souls no longer warp.
  • [LIVE] All shields are disabled for now - cannot drop below 100%, usable as a bonus skill carrier.

Patch (0.2)

  • Various bugfixes.
  • Website issues are being investigated, but will take a while to resolve - this is entirely new stuff, not sure why it's format has changed.
  • Smithing Hammer is now craftable from Iron.
  • Some additional plants have now randomly spawned that were missing - this was a bug in the original Hex files for some reason.
  • After some abuse: attempting to wall off sectors, claim corners, claim in a circular shape to use unclaimed land in the middle, etc. may result in your land being automatically unclaimed at midnight by the mitigation system. Walling off land with intent to use or block any unclaimed land is at your own risk. This is to prevent abusive blocking/walling of quests and other larger areas, and detection has started 23 Jan.

Launch (0.1) 12 Jan 2020

  • Hex weapons no longer ignore armour. This is because it'll apparently ignore negative and positive armour levels and do even less damage than it would have (also nullifies the point of damage type advantages).
  • Several things have been scaled down slightly to be more reasonable:
    • Mobs with extremely negative AL (like -100) reduced to reasonable levels.
    • Buffs such as jewelry and potions have their skill bonuses reduced, but now also last longer.
  • Most quests are in, up to 800 or so.
  • Hammer is now STR + DEX / 3.
  • Memorize Warp is no longer available due to misuse. Additional warp spells with more destinations have been added to compensate.
  • Rune combinations and alchemy combinations are posted on a site in the interest of fairness (because some people might have files and newbies might not); might as well make it easier for everyone.


Not on list yet? You can use the below or use this connect.ini.